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Some Members of WINGS IGCSE - O Level Tutorial

Photo: Some members of WINGS O’ Level Education


Since inception, WINGS Learning Centre has been providing its quality education and training programs to thousands of learners and professionals using its world-class resource centre and facilities. Education and teaching methods evolve, so does WINGS Learning Centre as an education provider. Complete IELTS package, some English Language courses and some Training & Development programs for different professional groups and corporations are being offered with assurance of top quality services and products.


In last few months, WINGS looked at very depth into the current practices of O-Level education in Bangladesh and identified ‘quality of education’ as the most important aspect for which students suffer. WINGS talked to many students and parents in different ‘focus group discussions’ and found that they were upset and not fully satisfied with the existing teachers and organizations who literally compromise quality for the number of student enrollments.


WINGS however feels obliged to step into this area to reinstate quality in O-Level education at which WINGS’ mastery is well admired by its alumni as well as different professionals. O-Level students are the future of the country. Teaching substandard risks them growing incomplete citizens for the country which is unwanted by all. WINGS feels responsible to give this junior field of education its trademark quality touch.


Teachers’ panel formation was labelled as one of the most important tasks in preparing for O-Level education. The process is still on going. WINGS opts to make a balanced as well as good combination of vastly experienced & renowned and some talented, young and energetic teachers who at the same time are hungry to learn and grow. A few of them are very carefully chosen from many interested. The recruitment process began with a microteaching session for all scrutinized candidates followed by intensive interviews for each. Primary intention is not to risk the quality factor and keeping the brand value unharmed.

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