IELTS Reading made EASY:

IELTS exam has been assessed over four language skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing), and Wings offers individual module designed to focus different language skills for achieving the required band scores.

The Reading module has been designed to assist every candidate whether for Academic or General Training. In ice breaking session, the module deals with the misconception regarding the IELTS which creates anxiety among students. Moreover, in the session, the candidates learn the techniques of comprehending any reading materials along with understanding the context and theme of the text. Additionally, this module emphasizes on adopting different techniques and tips to deal with different types of questions in reading module.

Writing module stresses on two sections emphatically. The candidates obtain the appropriate method of organizing any writing to comply with the question’s structure. The candidates are trained and appreciated to comply with question rather provide any replica without understanding. Also, the process of writing an argumentative answer is taught with few easy steps.


Furthermore, supplementary supports such as conversation session, grammar class, vocabulary building sessions are available for the candidates.

The reasons, Wings has the pride to discharge the excellence being an educational institution, are:

  • Instructors are experts in English language teaching due to years of experience in tertiary level teaching.
  • Small batch size
  • Well-equipped library facilities
  • Emphasize is given to individual language skills development.
  • Full length MOCK test facility
  • Customized course designs are offered for different needs
  • Emphatically focuses on developing candidates’ confidence through training on different tips and techniques to deal the modules


IELTS Writing Course:

6The 10 hour writing module for IELTS prepares students for the writing part of the exam. The classes include lectures on understanding IELTS writing segment of the exam, adequate class room practices on both task-1 and 2, helping students to solve a significant part of the questions from Cambridge series book so they can learn what type of writings to expect in the exam. Tips and strategies to acquire good scores in the exam are regular parts of the lessons which helps students prepare in a relatively shorter period of time. Proper feedback on their practice writing sessions help them to locate and mend areas where they need to improve. The entire course includes six classes each of them having 1.5 hours that provides enough time for learning and practicing.




Turn to a fearless Speaker:

IELTS speaking isn’t only about English knowledge, a test taker must demonstrate they can converse with confidence in English. It is about effective communication starting from body language to demonstrating control over fluency, collocation, vocabulary. We teach our students how to overcome their greatest enemy – nervousness as well as how to combine other skills like reading or listening to practice better speaking. Our goal is to help the students achieve their dream because we are invested in their success.