Turn to a fearless Speaker:

IELTS speaking isn’t only about English knowledge, a test taker must demonstrate they can converse with confidence in English. It is about effective communication starting from body language to demonstrating control over fluency, collocation, vocabulary. We teach our students how to overcome their greatest enemy – nervousness as well as how to combine other skills like reading or listening to practice better speaking. Our goal is to help the students achieve their dream because we are invested in their success.


Language Club:

WINGS Language ClubConversation Class is a very friendly setting for anyone wants to practice their English in relaxed manner. Ultimate goal of this arrangement is to chase the fear in speaking Englsih gradually away. We, the participants, embrace diversity and commit ourselves to provide quality education, language services and social programmes at convenient times at comfortable environment. What we all have in common, however is that we also play role through acting, storytelling, many interesting games, melodrama and other different ways which make them confident and later self-reliant as well. The people who are feeling shy in Speaking English may get rid of the problems by our methods and uniquely effective technologies. After a certain period, they become confident unconsciously following, their inertia removes and fluency increases drastically and also doing good in plenty of competitive exams which is praiseworthy……